Common Tree Care Questions

When should I cut down my tree? Are there times when I should wait?

There are several factors that affect your decision to remove a tree, including the type of tree, time of year, and reason for cutting down your tree. If your tree has become a hazard and is a danger the safety of your home or those around you, it may be time for an expert to come evaluate the situation. You may think a tree is dead and nearing the end of its life, but it is important to have this guarantee from a Certified Arborist.

Waiting to cut down a tree may be more beneficial, adding more value to your property until it reaches the end of its lifespan. In some cases, a trees roots or branches can start to effect sewer lines, electrical wiring and other important utilities. If this is your situation, talk with our tree care experts right away. We may be able to save your tree through simple pruning or shaping. Regardless of your situation, it is beneficial to speak with an Arborist before deciding to cut down any trees.

Is pruning my trees really that important?

While it may seem like it goes against nature to prune or trim your trees, the same thing happens to trees in the forest. When trees self-prune, it can result in large falling branches and heavy debris. While in the woods, this is no issue at all, your backyard is a much different story. Pruning your trees prevents dangerous, unexpected branch debris from falling. You can also prevent property damage and hazardous threats.

The amount of pruning needed will also depend on the location of your tree and its general age. It is important to make sure you prune your trees during the right time of year. If you try to prune certain trees in the wrong months, it could lead to pest infestation and tree disease. Taking care of your trees is a big job, which is why you should call on our Bay Area pruning specialists.

What will happen to my tree if it has a disease or insect problems?

Even though trees are meant to withstand the great forces of nature, insect infestations and diseases can easily destroy your beautiful trees. If you notice any type of problem with your tree, it is crucial that you take action as soon as possible to protect your tree’s health. Once you have diagnosed the problem, you will be able to decide which type of treatment is best. If you are unsure of the cause of your trees disease, call an Arborist for effective pest and diseases control.

How do I decide what type of tree to buy?

Planting trees on any type of property will greatly increase the value and landscaping beauty. Selecting the right species of tree is important. You will need to examine the location space, and general conditions of your property. Apart from the amount of space you have, you will also want to think about local weather conditions and exposure to the elements. You will have to decide whether you want trees for shade, character, or beauty. Some trees will provide all three of these features, adding value to your property. For a list of options suited for your area, contact a professional tree care expert.

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